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Start the New Season with an Annual Physical

The start of the spring season is a time of warm weather, new life, and spring cleaning. It’s also a great time to check in on your health and ensure you’re ready to take on the season in all its splendor. And what better way to do that than schedule your annual physical?


An annual physical is not a sick visit—in fact, it’s best to schedule it when you’re feeling well and healthy. During your annual, you’ll get important health information, such as your vitals and medication updates, which will help you stay as healthy as possible throughout the year.


But there are many other benefits to getting an annual physical each year! So don’t skip these advantages by missing your yearly physical:

  • Preventative Maintenance. As we’ve said, at your annual physical, your primary care physician will check your vitals, including your blood pressure, weight, heart rate, etc. They will also perform other standard procedures for your age group or demographic, such as a mammography, colonoscopy, and other screenings. It will address any health issues that have gone undetected or help you find ways to prevent more serious health conditions from developing. An annual physical is the best way to help you assess your risk of future health issues.
  • Vaccine Updates. In the United States, there are many standard vaccines that you’ll need to protect yourself and others from forming severe infections and diseases, including polio, tetanus, and even shingles and pneumonia. While you likely had your first doses of these vaccines in infancy or childhood, staying updated on them is essential. An annual physical will help you track when you need new vaccine shots.
  • Mental Health Screenings. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. In many cases, your mental health can even affect your physical health, causing weight gain, insomnia, and sometimes physical pain. During an annual physical, your caregiver can assess any untreated depression or anxiety and give you the tools to keep your mental health in check or refer you to a mental health professional for more assistance.
  • Set Healthy Goals. Once you have information on your current health, you can speak with your doctor about your goals for the year and discuss any lifestyle modifications you may need to help you accomplish those goals healthily. Whether you want to try a new diet, train for a marathon, or lose a few pounds, your doctor will help you determine the best way to do it for your body.


Schedule your next annual physical at Naples Health Clinic! In addition to primary caregiving, we also offer urgent care and medi-spa services. Visit our website to learn more, or call (239) 384-9392 to get in touch today!


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