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New Year, New You: Choosing Injections or Pellets for Hormone Therapy

Are you suffering from a lack of focus, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, or reduced sleep quality? If so, you may be suffering from a hormone imbalance.

Fortunately, hormone therapy is an easy and simple way to remedy these symptoms! Hormone therapy uses hormones to help correct an imbalance within the body. It can benefit those going through menopause– hot flashes and night sweats are two of the most common symptoms that can be relieved with hormone therapy.

When partaking in hormone therapy, you can take the hormones in two ways: injections or pellets. At Naples Clinic, we use EvexiPEL®, which employs the pellet method of hormone therapy for estradiol and testosterone hormone replacement. Hormones are compounded into a small pellet, which is then put into the upper layer of the skin.

With pellet therapy, you never need to worry about reapplying a cream, taking a pill, or putting on a patch to get the hormones you need to live a comfortable life. Other benefits of taking hormone pellets include the following:

  • Hormones are absorbed directly into the bloodstream (instead of going to the liver or gastrointestinal system!)
  • The body naturally controls the absorption of the hormones– you’ll absorb more during exercise and less at rest, for example.
  • Pellets have one of the best safety records compared to other hormone therapy methods.
  • It’s simple and convenient: pellets last about 3-5 months!
  • Continuous availability of hormones

Though many people inquire about hormone therapy injections for testosterone or estrogen therapy, we tend to recommend pellets over injections because of the pain associated with the frequent injection. Additionally, because pellets are a more stable and steady way of distributing the hormone throughout the body, there is less chance for any side effects with the hormone therapy.

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